You win some, you lose some. 

I would have lots of pictures for you, but for some reason I was banging on PrntScreen all night and not F12. I lost great shots of Khaldun stealing - Silver Scimitar, Silver Bow, Power Sword. However the prize was that Silver Heavy Crossbow! I actually didn't want to wait, so I outright attacked this guy for it, and stole it. I return later....after finding out all my screenshots are lost. This time, I got a few shots. 

Evidently Zero isn't interested in doing business. 
I was caught off guard, and quickly hide and
target his unknown war hammer in his hands.
I return with my business Proposal. 

Zero really doesn't wish to do business!

Took a few tries but I got his War hammer! 
I think it took me over 10 Disarms and Steal attempts.
He is quick on his horse, and I used 2 Red Potions. 
However, I disarmed, Stunned, then stole. Worked nice!
(I need to learn how to do more screenshots while
in the heat of battle!)

It's not much, but I've been having a GREAT night and decide I want that hammer.

I know its not a great hammer, but I decide to attack her
for it. They put up a great fight, I was amazed after I disarmed it
she came after me with a spear, however I failed 3 steal attempts on the
hammer, and finally they got the upper hand!

This is one way of avoiding the risk
of receiving murder counts when you attack
someone in the attempt to disarm and rob them. 
This method is not preferred. 

All they looted was 20 bandages, 1 Red Potion,
2 Greater Cures, and 2 apples for my horse.
I banked everything else already!

Oh well. Still came out ahead tonight!