More odds and ends by Crazy Joe

I'm cleaning up my hard drive, found a few odd's and ends.

I called a Counselor one day with Zip, and I had this idea...
can you Friend Counselors to your own house?
Sure Can.

You can't Friend Game Masters, they already own my House.
Now I know what's going on when some stuff disappears.
Actually, I bet my unlocked stuff never decays, I bet they take it all.

I have a GM Fisherman named "Poison Elemental". As his name suggest,
he is also my assassin. My reason is when he goes red, at least he can do
something to pass the time. Well I learned one day I need to buy Forensics skill,
because not all thieves are in the thieves Guild:

Lance laughed when I got guard wacked.
Lance doesn't know I have 96 Poison Skill

Blue Smurf was also upset.

IMaloser was not in the thieves guild.....

Oh well. Time to hit the boat!


Some of you read my adventure CrazyJoe vs Brass.
I won first place in "Screw brass Over" contest, however the runner up was Reavus for:

Since Galad hosted the contest, Reavus snuck in with lots of Barrels and water.
As the same luck I had, Brass showed up very shortly after Reavus was done. However
he banned the packhorses and killed them outside, not even seeing the roof till the next day.
Silly Brass.

Just evading your average Anti Looter with a Tamer &  White Wyrm.

In my ongoing efforts to find stuck locations, OSI is one step ahead of me.

I'm one horny sick bastard. 
What can I say?

Here's an old shot of Galad with his
blessed Skull cap.

I pop into the bank at Jhelom one day and
find thes two items on the ground. This was 1 month after
OSI made bank checks yellow, so basically
that 20k check is a rare now.

I bet the Tamers sure do miss Trammel Ice Isle, this is how it used to look before the spawn changes were instituted.