Legitimate Business Dealings by Crazy Joe

The Gods have punished me for my crimes -- as of late my cling to the World of Atlantic has not been suffice. I have not made my presence known for almost a week now and I hath feared my hold there was lost. However, this Friday night it seems I have been delivered from this purgatory and once again I'm free to roam the lands. I start my night at the bank, seeing what I possibly could do. 

As luck would have it, it seems someone is in need of a Silver weapon.
How fortunate,  I was in need of selling such a weapon!

The weapon I am willing to part with is a 
silver bow, however not the best quality of bow.
I agree to sell it to him for 5,000 gold - and
I only accept checks for gold can easily be lost. 

It seems this individual is sporting an attractive weapon himself!

The deal is made, but I seem to be having second thoughts...
however I am not one to back out of a business deal. 

After the sale I am convinced selling this bow was a mistake - 
and I claim it mine once more. What was briefly Alexander's
Silver bow, it is once again mine.

I return a few minutes later and he is quite
discontent of my actions.

I understand not why I am a punk -I could think of more fitting insults than Punk.
However, he doesn't wish to take actions against me now, such a pity...
I really would have loved to acquire his axe.