CrazyJoe - Disarm thief, or r33+ H4XOr??

The page has been quite lately for a reason. As you have seen I went and tried to be a Trammel Looter/Griefer for some time, however I got quite bored of it quickly since it takes no challenge there to loot or acquire goods.   I have missed stealing in Feluca.

I loaded up my thief and trained him up to be a disarm thief once again. With some tutoring from Velona, a fellow guild member, I have gotten a tad better and I'm back in the swing of things. I had some fun for a few days but didn't take any screenshots - for this activity moves VERY fast and I didn't have time to hit the Screenshot button - but today I think I'm ready to start taking shots, and WOW, what a day!

Today vet Rewards was turned on. Today something Odd showed up at the bank...

Nobody knows how the forge got here...

Ok, I see someone with a magic sword I like, however he is 
holding it. I stole his Rune to his house in Trammel and go hide. 
I came back and he attacked me, I disarmed and robbed him, 
I totally forgot that I had my screenshot program running, so I'm sorry
that I missed that shot of me getting.....

Quite a nice weapon to get 
in town, and he attacked me over a 
silly marked rune!

My victim seems to be very upset at his loss!


I'm so baffled I forgot to bank the weapon....

Victim Cam #1

An S|S Member, Irony Shows up 
I fill her in what's going on. 



I know I can sell it for more in Trammel, 
but this is faster....

Now that he has his weapon back....

Seems he still is going to call a GM on me!

It's true, I did not steal from his hands. 
that simply isn't possible. 

He is still baffled. I could tell him, 
but it's been awhile since I have 
seen a GM. 

He is still confused, I never stole anything from
his hands...

I was defenseless, wasn't I? 

I knew it was legal...and why is 
that guy trying to buy something from the GM?

This is the underlying theme folks
"Beware who you Attack"

Here we go, another variation of, "I don't care"

I doubt he would attack me again...
he go banks and equips a GM Katana this time...

I let him get close and peek to see
if he is carrying anything of value, 
nothing this time. Just his Gm sword and Shield. 
Let's see if he wants to dance:

Cha Ching!

Now that he attacked me, he is now Gray to me. 
I can freely attack/steal from him and the Guards 
will NOT assist him! Time to get his shield...

GM stealing and I fail to get his Heater Shield...

I try to stun him so he wont go anywhere...
Got it on the second try!

The next 30 minutes I chase him around town attacking him with me
0 Fighting skills, and he equips another POWERFUL weapon outside town 
I disarmed it about 10 times, but he never stopped long enough for me 
to steal it, dammit. He eventually logged out...

in his Villa right outside the Britain Guard Zone!

Watch out, I know where you live now!