More Miscellaneous Stuff

This is one reason I hate friending folks to my tower. The ban list fills up fast, I recall in
and the NPC brigand archers kick my ass.

I'm using ChaoticJelly's account one day to
macro up his hide. I got bored and paged a counselor
"Suggestion - put a bank in Cove" She tells me it wont happen,
small town, small minds, no need for bank. I argued Wind got
a bank, so should Cove. No Dice. So I offer Jelly's Funds to
start construction.

When I'm done with Jelly's account, I log him
out in a nice stuck location someone showed me!

I recall in carrying a short spear of Vanquish
that I hide in my tower, I'll be damned! I was scared with
not one, but TWO NPC Brigand camps outside my door!

I asked the Counselor here "Honestly, how many pages are actually Legit Pages, and not some BS, Waste of Time". The Counselor replied 2 out of 10. That's sad.

Newbie Alert! (he is saying, "Train Intelligence"
to the NPC Mage, hehehe)

Was my own fault! I found a new stuck location where I can
teleport from the plank to this area! but I couldn't teleport back down. DOH!
Worse yet, the Help Menu wasn't working and my runebooks were out of
charges. However, to the right are 3 Verite Viens almost all in a row.
Hit verite, take 3 steps right, more verite, and then five more steps!
Great Mining spot!

I finally get back to thieving, and I drop my fencing for disarm once again.
I finally start to get the hang of things, and I took this guys axe when he attacked me
in full armor. He must have died because he comes back at very low health and no more
armor on him, but attacks me anyway. Well, he ran off and I am not one to back down
from a fight I know I can win!

Velona is showing me the ropes of proper Town stealing.
She has three guys after her, they continue to attack her although
what they fail to understand is attacking turns THEM gray to her, and then she
can steal anytning she wants with no worries of the NPC's calling the guards!
We corner one guy near the bank - while his friends are looking for Velona,
he starts to lose his entire inventory!

I fail a steal at the bank with Disarm turned on.
The guard appears and whacks me, but I get ONE swing in, and
I actually disarm the guard of his mighty halberd! Sure I didn't live,
but as many times as I get wacked, I have NEVER seen this happen.