Someone scores a "Crazy Joe" hat!

I'm in Delucia chatting with Colomba. I'm laggy to hell so I resort to just raising snoop around the bank. I die after trying to rob a guard of 100 gold, and a faction thief loots a CrazyJoe piece of clothing of me! (fyi, I have a GM tailor and RARELY carry a "Crazy Joe" brand piece of clothing. Anyone wishing to get one must loot it from my corpse.

Well a few minutes later a gate opens right at my feet, I jump in since I got nothing to lose.

Look, I didn't plan on going to a dungeon so sue me.
What is very hard to see here is that there is a tamer on a horse,
Kelena the Looter, and laxarus the guy taunting me for snooping him.

The tamer is mad because we are now blocking his gate portal, and
it finally disappears, so he's stuck here and starts yelling LIGHT ME PLZ!
He seems to be taming in a safe STUCK location! I get get my
UOAM coords and write them down, my tamer needs this spot!

What is also hard to see is the Hell hounds, Dire Wolves, and a red NPC mage
that targeted everyone else but me. I quickly hide!

Our foolish gate jumpers de jour.

Kelena brought along a NPC Paladin btw,
his body is there on the right. She dies quickly! Now I can
loot my goods she took!

DOH! the Red NPC mage gets my hat!
she can keep it, I recalled out.

I wonder if Quillan is roaming around the pits of Fire now
wearing my 'rare' hat, and showing it off. bitch.