Crazy Joe vs. Brass

Brass once again decides to start harassing me, so I decide to play a little joke on him. 

I recall to his tower. 
Looks like nobody is home. 

I don't want to be banned from his
tower so I decide to place everything on the steps.

I am on with my thief, who is still
under disguise since I was town stealing
the night before, but I make sure
Brass knows who left him these fine gifts.

Hmm, looks like I just missed him.
I hide and wait. 

Just in time! Brass is home! (Home Depot is Brass's
other character) I didn't have to wait but 5 min.

He threw a purple potion at me to say
thank you I guess.


Oh wait, he can't get outside, LOL. 

I hear the 'recall' sound 3 times, but no Brass
I'm standing on his recall spot!!!!

Well, gotta move over, after all I came 
here with a plan. 

He doesn't attack me b/c I'm blue. So I quickly
step on his porch and go gray, he takes a shot!


Took him long enough. He taunts me 
calling me a newbie. I taunt him as a ghost for awhile. 

He loots one item from my corpse,
a marked rune. That's all I had on my body. 

I log out my Thief from the first account,
and log in another character in my second account.

Now I sit back and hope he foolishly hits that rune.
(this is the rat man fort, what you see are NOT regular 
rat men but a mixture of Rat-Mages and Rat-Archers. 
They can kill ANYTHING within seconds, and my rune
is marked in the stable, which isn't easy to escape from when 
you are being attacked with spells and arrows that hit for 20 points each.  

I would pay anything to know what he is thinking at this moment. 

This was the wrong spell to cast, Kal Ort Por would
have been a wiser choice. Not like he would ever get it off
anyway though. 

Now you ask yourself, how was I able
to get Brass hit that rune?
maybe the name of the rune was.....

Brass LOVES camping IDOC's!

Know what's even funnier?

I warned him.
Brass should take up Spirit speak,
We wouldn't have died foolishly!