"Your are still #2 in queue, thanks to Crazy Joe"

I paged at 10 am CST on the Atlantic shard to remove a vendor from my vendor shop - Otto quit and didn't bother to dismiss him. Counselor Peter arrives swfitly at 11am, started at 24 at 10am - seems he is busy today. 

Ok, he said it will take a GM to remove it. No big deal, I guess I didn't write my page correctly (it said, "I need a Game Master to remove a vendor from my house". He stands there and we wait. 

Yes, we just wait. He doesn't talk much, and it takes 1-2 minutes to get a response from any question or remark I make. This guy is either a slow typer or hung over I guess. 

I wasn't taking shots at first, but I tried to get him to say, "CrazyJoe is my Daddy!" but he was afraid that would get him in trouble. I asked him if he can dance for me, he said no. I asked him for an email for OSI's Dev team so I could suggest a few things to them. I was getting bored and finally started taking screenshots out of boredom....

He disappeared and I thought he left me, but he returned 5 min later.

Good thing there wasn't a monster around, else
he woulda been killed since he is not friended to my shop.

I start a new game while we wait.

He says NOTHING for 5 minutes.

He guesses 7, I lost my cup of dice I had
stashed in here, damn.

Just in case you think I made this entire conversation up...

I think I finally bored the hell out of him, he
wants to leave since the GM hasn't shown up.


Time to go looting, blocking, scamming, and everything
else evil, I got this guy backlogged an hour's worth of time!
This guy is gonna be busy for a week -- he was at my house for an entire hour!