Perma-Cursed by Crazy Joe

Remove Trap is a pain to raise. Basically I get a bag full of trapped chest, try to remove it, die alot, ress alot, and repeat for an hour. Gets pretty boring. Well, nothing beats boredom like messing with peoples heads.

So here I am in Brit-Healers in Trammel.
Time to go to work.

Just for laughs, I got my website in my Title.

Someone asked me for a heal.
I don't really need it, GM traps can kill at full strength sometimes.

Well. I got a long hour upon me.
What can I do to pass the time....

Sounds Reasonable. So how does one get Perma Cursed?

Tough Crowd.

Here's a man with all the answers.....

Fight Ignorance with Bullshit. My dad always told me this...

Now she decides to help me out. She does this for about 30 minutes.

Her Friend jumps in to help.

This healing isn't nice - my bodies start to decay and
I don't draw the crowds...
The NPC notices I'm in need of some garb, and points me the way!

I claim I paged a GM for the third time.
That's why I'm sitting here doing nothing.

I just about jumped out of my chair when I saw Enki walk by.
He left quickly before the others went and got him to help me.

I had enough of this healing. I'm running low on bodies.

The sound is the dart trap punching a hole in me!

She has another good idea.

Watch HoboMobo - elite young

Keep your eye on the young.

The Coudnelr's are mean!

He thinks we are in Feluca.
Do you really think someone could be this silly?

He isn't a ignorant young afterall.
Thanks Hobo for not ruining my fun at first.
Now they don't belive him b/c he's been such a fool all this time.

My hour ends on the last box.

The hour went by quickly tonight.