Dibs on the Next Loot

I don't know where tonight will take me, so I log on to find my bard that timed
out the day before at the Keep. 

I head to Deceit, where I see a ghost that seems quite upset at his
situation and quickly blames me. 



Someone else dies, and we set up camp.  

Yes, there is a corpse under all of us, hard to believe. 

Things are slow, and Carmyn tells me he is camping 
a sweet corpse in Destard, I head on over!
The 'freshly' ressed is gathering courage
go on in and reclaim his goods, I try to stall him by claiming
his goods are already looted!

his friend on the horse is not amused by 
my methods of stalling.

A list of Looters?

I made someone's list! Quite the Honor!
However, I have a much SHORTER list, 
a list of people I do ress, who do you think 
has a easier job keeping up with their list?

Kitten (Carmyn's Bard) returns, done looting!
Silvermane finally speaks up!

Tis true! Unlike the mightiest of Mages, Warriors, or
whatever your class, Looters travel light, and bank often. 
if we lose anything of value, it's because it wasn't ours to begin with
and we just haven't banked yet!

Silvermane's loss creates some sympathy, 
Evidently Carmyn had no interest in selling back his goods, 
and someone else will reoutfit him.

Carmyn and I get in a fight, who shall loot him next?

Carmyn runs in first -- brave, headstrong, and courageous....

and dies.

Party system bug happens, but look at
Carmyns feet - he's dead alright !

NEVER volunteer to go into Destard First.