Welcome to Looter's Mart!

Thomdril sets up a Log Cabin in a great location in Trammel, just near the Britian Swamps on the side of the road.

PaperKutz and I are there talking about blessing clothes, when a guy walks in and asked how we do such a thing. Well, we start to give him bullshit information, and it turns out this is how he thinks one goes about to bless clothes:

Get a few purple potions.
Go to any town except for Moonglow.
Put clothing in main pack.
Stand next to banker, double click potion, and aim at clothing.
Keep using purple potions until you get the error message "Can't target item"

Well. He left to go try it.

Meanwhile another resident Looter shows up while "baller" is browsing.

baller seems to have upset another shopper.
Our friend returns to recap his failure in blessing his cloak!

Last he saw me, my thief had a normal jester hat.
My bard now has a new on with my GM
Tailor's name on it, so I convince him it's possible.

PaperKutz seems to be in trouble....

Beer Man leaves in a rush, maybe to go bless his shit!

baller got back in time, dammit.
but is having trouble.


Our secret to insanely low prices.

While I explain store policy, The vendor
with the torch is being stocked up with fresh loot.

Missed it, but he did have a full archer suit.


Beerman never did return with my recalls, don't ever trust him if you see him.