Back to the Ogre Lord Island, Part 2 by Crazy Joe

Where we left off.....

Murphy's Law folks. 

I come back dead, they are laughing it up. 
An ogre loots my box of 15 of each reg and someone gets it, no biggie. 
I help menu to Cove and rez, and come back. I'm in such a rush to get back, 
I didn't take many screenshots of the death, the help, the recall etc etc. but you get the idea. 

Yes. I paged a GM. Why? Vincint (Green cape) is using an exploit to prevent me from 
looting my corpse. It went bones and they got what was left. Since he is blatantly using
an exploit the doesn't allow me to drag items off my corpse into my pack, I call a GM
and do NOT tell them. 
What I find amazing is I am only #11. 

They all leave while I hit the bank for regs, but the guy with the horns on his head 
hangs around. 
At first I think they got sent to jail....

a GM appears next to me quickly, and  says, 'he can't see me, let him keep insulting you"

Sounds like he paged as well. 
I wonder about what?

He paged b/c there is a ogre lord stuck under the bridge and it's ruining 
the spawn on the island!  Furthermor, he thinks the GM is responding to his call!

I missed it, but the GM asked, 'Ok, back to business'
Now he looks at me like I'm in trouble! 

The GM asked what happened while he disappears to delete the ogre.

Merlin thinks its him, but the GM knows from the page it's Vincent.

While we wait, I'll bard again.

I decide to make him sweat a tad.
I don't mind the cussing, but GM's don't like that as well.

Boy, we sound like kids. However this brat, myself,  didn't exploit!

'er god'
Everyone sing now,
Bad boys Bad boys, whacha gonna do when the come for you!

GM asked 'You know why you are here?'

Hell, I'll even admit it!

Gain what? Magery?

They saw my corpse at bones, I had no loot.
I didn't come here for gold and didn't even loot one!

Don't know why he is LOL'ing, Quite true!

Wrong! That's not why you are here!

I spill the beans for Vincent.

They don't get it. Barding is not illegal, but they continue to state it.

Merlin now recognzies who he is talking to!
Seems like they know each other.


missed the shot, GM said, "Since nothing to your account...."



Well, when you get a report, the only thing
that make you feel better is to report someone else.
I honestly thought he wanted to report me.

I was NOT prepared for what I saw...




If you don't know Whoopass, head on over to Galad's website!


I am laughing so hard right now I forget to take screenshots.
I got a pillow over my head so I wont wake up my wife sleeping behind me.
I finally calm down enough to hit my button again, but basically what I missed was the GM saying he also knows Whoopass, and nice website.

I plug our site for Vincent to hopefully see this.

Whoopass got a royal laugh out of this over ICQ!