CrazyJoe's FIRST Episode, Rooftop Excursion! 

When we moved the website over to EV1.NET, I lost my first episode ever, "Rooftop Excursion".

Well, I didn't realize it till someone from that episode told me about it, so I went and dug it up. Here it is folks! It's the original episode, anything in Yellow text is something I added.

I like to Teleport on top of buildings, hell, who doesn't. I found
a new building the other night. Time to mark a rune up here, for no reason at all. (Maybe comes in handy when I learn Gate Travel)

I just remembered I came back from Trammel, and banked my runes.
This happened before runebooks were blessed.

Nothing much else I can do you know.
This is also before the Help I'm stuck Teleport me out Feature

The new Patch now tells you how many other morons are in front of you, How nice!
What a great way to Utilize the Power Hour.
It used to be we didn't know how far along in queue we were,
which was really fun waiting on someone to help you, it was a wild guess!

He's the one that showed me this place!
Damm Idiot NPC. (Him or Me?)

Since I'm stuck here....

Someone else sees me.
He leaves after finding out he can't get Training from my Roof-mate.

I devise a plan with my remaining Nightshade.

I'm now Number 55 in the queue, Time to take Action!

I thought They couldn't hear me....

But I can hear them?


I decide to gain Karma by giving this chap 1 gold piece at a time. I started a Scoundrel.

WOW! 50 gold pieces later....

Another 50 pieces.

Somebody DID hear me, and came to help.

He can't believe I was up here for 30 minutes.
I can't either.

I thought everything was Fine, after all, this guy wasn't Galad.
If it was, I would take any damm Moongate he gave me anyhow.
Hehe. At this time, Galad and I were not friends, hell, he didn't
even know about me whatsoever, and I was always afraid to meet him.

Things aren't getting better.

Second Try.

Matter of fact, things just get worse up here.
I have no Bloodmoss left either.

I waited for one second, to think what else could go wrong....

He takes my Nightshade...he can have it!

I was number 46 when I finally got down....

I never thought I would start a book like this, but it had to happen.
I hope he is the last entry.

Well, I added 2 more names, but the book was thrown away.
It took up 1 stone in my pack, and I was busy looting one time and needed to
drop 1 stone. Well, I'll start it up again but this is the only proof I have
of who was in it! We do cross paths still in Deceit, and I have yet to
loot him and I actually do rez him when he dies.