CrazyJoe goes Bard Looting - Part 3

Just when I thought it was all over, I recall back to Deceit and meet an old victim demanding his loot back.

His name is Mark, someone I just got
a few loose runes and a house key off of. 

Whoah! I better play it cool now, 
I already may be in deep shit today!
So how can I quickly look like a nice fella?

I'll offer a gate! 
newbies love gates!

I'll heal my old victim as well! My Karma rises quickly!

Destrega thanks me even though
A few looters and myself screwed him over
earlier. I guess we get along now. 

Meanwhile, Mark tells the Counselor that I looted
his body, NOT his corpse. This isn't possible in Trammel.

I loot everyone I possibly can. 

I like how this man Checks things. 

Mark was asked if he was in a party. 
The Counselor seems to not know that 
lately we can't loot our own party 
members, so I thought I may as well 
politely tell him.

Belle, if you are reading this, I know your name,
I have proof you said you would report it,
you are being observed.

Meanwhile, Mark is talking to the others
to watch out for me, for I looted his

I'm sure someone will die soon.

I checked my pack, I'm low on everything,
it would be no big loss!

No disagreements here!


Ya I ressed someone. Look who....

whoah! I thought this was over the key
and runes. Looks like I missed out on good loot!

I missed the snapshot, but I'm telling you,
Mark said he really had NO idea where his house is!!!!


Drum roll please.....

Too bad there were 2 liches chasing me around, but I get Mark's
parting words to Belle!