Crazy Joe goes Bard Looting - Part 1

I decide to spend one night barding looting.

I like to start my day off by tearing down a wall.

Your moment of Zen.

I didn't loot him. But I will be happy to take credit.


Wam, body goes to bones.
I remember when 50 of each reg was 'good'.

Would you like some armor
and at least a magic weapon to go with that?


Something went wrong, I'm stuck here with Sanrus. We can't
get out.

I end up here, and can't walk. I cast a gate portal for Sanrus and recall out. 

I looted about 5 of the PE's so far, but I deserved it,
I provoked the liches onto him!

A death threat!

While we wait for the bodies to decay, Thomdril and I talk about the good ol'
days of the Shroom room and play a game of chess.

Time to cut our game short, here comes our favorite guild mate!

I stand still, and PE targets D E S T R E G A standing way over there!

Then he targets Irene.

I decide to test Trammel mentality.


Guess who he retargeted?




Ya, too bad.

We would be more happier
if we didn't though.