Pissing off Trammelites with Snooping, by Crazy Joe

You can't snoop PC's in Trammel. Only NPC's. That doesn't mean you still can't have fun in Trammel though -- I went to the bank and escorted a NPC around snooping him while standing next to other people....

I'm the one with white hair and plate arms, this fella thinks wall of stone will stop me.

May as well act a fagot I guess...


I like folks that know what I'm doing but keep quite and watch
the action. Why ruin the party when you can watch the fun?

That guy starts hiding everyone I stand near!

What great advice he gives!


What's funnier? His insult, or the fact he said 'not in fel
where people can't smak you on the head' when he meant Trammel?

He knows about me, but didn't say how. :(

Another wise piece of advice!

What ever happened to 'get the fuck back please'.

I ran into 'American Psycho' at the bank, and he points
out an old adventure with him is missing from the site!
Thanks Psycho, that was the FIRST adventure I ever made, I'll
have to go find it and repost it.


You can't get rid of CrazyJoe that easily! Funny enough,
my NPC wanted to go to Yew! And I was about 10 screens away from it!