What a Lame night, by Crazy Joe

Every now and then, I hit a dry spell and no looting, thieving, or harassment happens. I hate these days the most, and to make it worse I've been crashing a lot lately. Well, I threw together the following, not too funny but had it's high points nonetheless.

I make it a habit to pick up a NPC Healer Escort...

You never know when you can have fun with one!
(No, they do NOT ress)

However this jackass does ress.


I crashed after I said this. How sad.

The only thing worse than 1 Resser, is 2.
I crashed yet again.

Ressed before I got to roll the die.

This isn't my night...

Tis Olive!

I missed it, she said 7. Dice say 3, No ress for Olive!

I recall to the BK room to fetch a stone for Jelly.
As soon as I step in, 'Speak of the Devil' and there's a ghost.
I guess I earned a reputation here!

ID's, Silver spear. Looks like he has held his own quite well, I left. I crashed again.

Someone else ressed him. I quit for the night.