CrazyJoe goes "Reg Shopping"

I log on and some guys are standing at the Delucia Caves that lead to the Trinsic Forest, I peek inside to find a few lava lizards and a phoenix. Deeper inside I found a body that just turned to bones, with another body near it. I fall out of my chair when I see what's inside the bag. 

I came down here with 5 of each reg, I always start my day with 5 of each reg b/c I really have no idea what I'll be doing right away. I'm shocked I now have a fine suppy of reagents that will last me quite some time. However, I am very overlooted!
One failed Gate Portal out and I will die, leaving such fine loot on my own corpse. 

Basically, I'm stuck. 

Ah, Help menu to the rescue! I get some 'Help' and a  free ride to Papau, and end up 1 screen from the bank! I hop right over and throw the bag into the bank. Why Papau, when you got a bag full of loot to hip-hop, you don't need a crowd around you. 

I also throw in a brown bag I picked up before the reg bag, and head back to Delucia to claim the last of the loot. 


I don't know about other looters, but I never sell regs back. 

"I Have Plenty" 


I recall to the bank, sure enough that other bag had some 
leather armor and a few loose runes and a keyring!


He offered me 10k for this armor, I got a feeling it was some damn good
armor. Turned out it was indestructible Leather Tunic of Guarding! Not worth 10k
in my opinion, but what do I know of Trammelites and their money? I decide to
Keep it for myself instead.

Yellow chest hears what's going on, and wishes to insult me as well.
Apparently my sexual preferences are determined by my looting.

Ok, POOR Noobs don't carry that many regs on them.
His reason to so many regs? "I was Hunting".
POOR Noobs don't offer 10k so easily for their armor back.
Noobs don't carry runes loose in their pack with their house keys either,
so I thought. Oh well, that is just me.


Not only am I a fag, but a Trammel nOOb thief and a gimp.
but a Fag Trammel nOOb Thief Gimp with lots of reagents now, ain't I?

See how nicely he keeps his runes?

I know there is a need for a runebook nearby, but I get no buyers.
I'll stop being a fag, but I enjoy being the rest.

I now decide to ID the leather items and get myself ready for the day.

After he dresses up, my victim returns with my final delightful threat!


Sounds like he's been calling GM's before!