How to Train with your horse, by CrazyJoe

You can adjust your Stats quickly by see-sawing your skills. My bard was down to 50 STR and really needed some more, so I decided to See-Saw Maces and Wrestle. However, this is quite boring, so I decided to do it at the Trammel Britian bank with my trusty steed, 'Crazy horse'. I am doing this from work, and don't have UOScreenshot, but hit alt-printscreen and paste it as I go. 

I arrive too late, but it seems that guy
co-owned or friended someone to his house, and
returned missing many items. Hopefully one of my guildmates?

It didn't take long to find my first idiot. He called me a newbie and tried to lightning strike my horse, I laughed and called him the newbie. FYI, if you try to attack in Trammel, SOMETIMES you get that message box about becoming a criminal, but you still won't be able to attack. He aparently got that window, and got scared. Remember, this is Trammel, how would he lighting strike my ass? 

The girl in the black cape tried to buy my horse to save it. She 
times out. Someone else apparently tried to Lighting bolt my horse, 
I didn't see him successfully cast or fizz. 

I lost count how many folks said I was going to die. 
Someone even told me there was no way to stop the horse 
from attacking but to kill it, and it would kill me first! 

Another Horse ganker that tries first, asked later.
Maybe he was asking the horse?

He replied, "As you see fit Milord" and trotted off! 
Wow! A Roleplayer, and I missed that shot!

He healed. 

51 to 81 Strength in no time, that was the funniest See-Saw I ever had.