CrazyJoe meets the Ultimate PK


I see Evanna is getting back to her corpse
but notice she has another right next to it. 
I step in wondering just how long was that corpse there. 

Talk about timing! I get the armor!

What a friend. Her name is Evanna and he calls her Evonne. 


Lag. Who can disagree with the fact Lag is the Ultimate PK??
Lag is worse than liches, elementals, or dragons. I agree fully. 
However, it still is a killer like monsters, and I say if you die to lag, 
I will loot you nonetheless. Lag will not discriminate, nor will I. 

Whoah! He knows who I am! But if he knew who I was, why
does he bother asking for the stuff back? Everyone that reads 
this site knows I am a Looter, not Saint Nick. 

Ok. And? The Point you are conveying is....

Finally, the victim speaks! 
And there is one of those Trammel Looting Lines!

Not only does he know of my site, he knows
of the contest I'm hosting for Trammel Looters!

It wouldn't have mattered 
if you asked me sooner. 

He tries yet again to get me to go against
all that I stand for! The Nerve!

Gasp! Him? Not only does he not know his friends name, 
but he mistaken her for a he! And such a good friend, he brings her
to Deceit 'To teach him to play". Good choice! What's tomorrows lesson, Wind?

Ah, enough small talk. He didn't seem
interested in buying back the goods and another
Ghost appears.

oh no.
I'm frozen. My legs are stiff.
My hot keys do not respond.
oh no.

I was Owned.

I log back on to see the Liches finish looting my corpse.
I see that Lag and Liches are in the same Guild and work well together.

I know they are enjoying my corpse on the ground and hide to loot
their belongings back. Little do they know the liches down the hall
already looted me clean. I call Carmyn who happens to be in the lich room
to come ress me so we can chase down a few liches.

They continued to camp my body till it was bones.
I never found the lich, but someone else sure was happy they did!