Destard (Entrance) Looting, by CrazyJoe

I get some time to hit Destard Friday around noon. The server is empty it seems so I plan to hit Destard to kill dragons and make money the honest way. However, it seems a less honest way of making money is at my feet even before I go inside, I can't resist. 

Opportunity knocks before I even get in Destard. 

Full GM Plate and a Magic Sword, +15 to Tactics, I like!

Ethic Lessons from 'a troll'

I love his title. 'Honorable' and 'Chaos'. 

I couldn't tell you what kind of ore the armor is made out of, 
much less what it's really worth. 5k sounds find by me. 
I though I told him how much to buy back his armor, I wanted to keep the sword. 
Looking back on these screenshots, I see I was in error. I apologize for my mistake.

Ok, he wanted me to say it.
"It's me the fucker, that looted this nice guy".

Happy :) ?