S|S Hits Khaldun

S|S get's somewhat organized and we head out to Khaldun in T2A. 
Poor "Nibbler" died before we even got to T2A at the Portal Gate. 
We won't count this as the first fatality. 

Thomdril and I are bards. Carmyn and Reavus bring bring their thief, and the others I'm
not quite sure. Levo, a veteran looter/PvPer tags along. 

I'm partying up everyone and accidentally hit the Town Crier. 
I love her response to me trying to party her - does she know we 
are going to Khaldun?

Thomdril gates al ot of the folks to one entrance, and I gate
myself and Reavus to the other one. After some organization, we all
arrive at one spot and make sure all is ready to go. 

I claim the first loot - someone's ostard!

Nibbler has a serious problem staying alive, 
he dies shortly again, this time though he is 
the true first casualty of the evening.

Sigh. We got Noobis in our Group.

Say "OoOo" Nibbler, again.

Seems ThunderStorm was Noto'ed Looting
someone elses Kill.

Seems Thunderstorm hasn't read up on the new Dungeon Rules either.
And what the hell is up with all these guildmates that don't have NS regs or black potions?

Echos heard in Khaldun.

Thomdril dies, and I go to loot his corpse.
I turn gray! Turns out the Party system is screwed up and we can't
loot Party-Mates, and I get killed.

This is the status of our group after Five Minutes in Khaldun.

Levo died 1 tile from the exit.
How I wish I could loot him, but I don't want to turn Gray again.

Carmyn has been naughty!

Carmyn informs me that he looted someone and
hid the loot in the dungeon before he died. His
Victim is also outside with me...

"Near" a town is relative. The Star Room is "Near" a town.

I cast Dispel, when I should have used "Dispel Field"
He makes it out in time to laugh at me and just run off.
I recall to the other entrance to help out another dead guildmate...

This time I gate someone there and dispel the gate correctly.
Say 'Hi' to the Balron's for me.

I am provoking the Zealot.

I lose connection in Khaldun, and the night is over for me.

I didn't get pics of the highlight of the night :

Carmyn steals an ax off someguy and drops it on the ground near alot of
other 'locked down' weapons. The guy runs to kill Carmyn and is made his ax
is gone. I pick it up and they start to come after me. I am carrying Lots of Loot,
deep inside Khaldun, and don't wish to die.
I hit my runebook and recall out to my Tower Doorsteps.

Yes. Khaldun is NOT located on the T2A server, and you can recall out
to any normal city.