Crazy Joe goes Adventuring Part 2

I continue where I left off earlier in Destard a few hours later. 

Seems Flaming Kitten (aka Carmyn) has an obsession with 
death. I see his 2nd body near him turn to bones.
Thomdril joins us. 

As Carmyn so eloquently put it earlier when he got loot off the 'ground', 
All I have to say to him is, "^^". As for the regs, I used them to Ress him. 
I'd say it's an even trade. 

Keep your eyes on Olive. By the time I took 
this picture, she died already half a dozen times. 
After I see this many corpses, I know we have a 
designated corpser for the dungeon. 

I run into her later, and play stupid.

I died, little do most folks know there is a shrine
inside to Destard to ress at. No need to run around
and ask for a ress. 

Olive learns that a Blade spirit can easily 
turn around on the caster. She almost died again. 

He isn't playing possum folks. Thomdril is already on the corpse hidden. 


A half ass burial job for poor Carmyn.


I seem to have only one rune to Deceit....Oh well. It's only 2 floors up to
the bone knight room, all he has to avoid is the Lich Lords, Silver Serpents, Liches,
the 2 Locked doors, a Poison elemental, and then he is home free.


She is doing quite well actually. I have yet to Loot her.
(Like she actually has anything after you die 15 times)

Carmyn n Olive getty jiggy.

I decide to head to Deceit and see what's going on....

He never asked 'Can you ress me' in the first place, simply if I
COULD ress. Some folks just don't say things right the first time.

I shed a tear every day I walk by this room.


I didn't have as much fun as I hoped. No cursing, no GM threats, just
a boring day all together. After I went through all these pictures, I'm quite disappointed nothing too funny happened, and almost didn't post this. But, I spent an hour putting it together, so I won't let it go to waste.

Before I hit the sack, I hit T2A to see how to get under the Keep. I recall onto a corpse and refused to ress him. Somone else finally ressed, and I had my moment of Zen before I hit the sack: