CrazyJoe the Bard, Part 1

Our adventure begins in NuJelom where I try to pick up an NPC Healer Escort. 
My favorite escorting grounds are now empty, and a Moongate off the island stands in their place. 

The moongate took me to New Magencia, where I found what I needed. 


I wonder if my escort is paging a GM now. 


The plan is Ghost usually will run up to the Healer and wonder
why they won't get ressed. Last time I did this, it was a 
total riot. Now I can't find any ghost. 


He Poofed. I guess he cast Recall. 

Who's the bard? Hmm. 3 people in one room. 
One asking the question, one wacking away, and one foolish
looking 'CrazyJoe'. Hmmmm. 

Deceit seems boring, so I head to Destard with Carmyn. 


I found a use for Spirit speak, see how funny Ghost really are!
This guy is mad his friend got him killed, but it gets better when 
he spams as a ghost for a healer! Well, anyone this dumb in my
opinion should visit the pretty city of Cove. Plenty of Healers. 
No banks. 

"What's Inside"
"bfddbd bdsf ddd"
"He said Nothing"
The guy ran right in and died. 
(That is Carmyn with the Leather Tunic)

Just then on the left some guy dropped his chain mail leggins.
I quickly go pick them up, I mean, I found them on the ground!


Evidently, someone else got the rest of his stuff!

I missed it, but Carmyn private messaged me that there were four by the
door when I said this. He ran back in to make them think its safe.

Carmyn sends me news that a few Tamers are using boxes to
block dragons, thus safely tame them. According to OSI, this
is a bannable offense. I must do my good deed for the day,
and prevent them from being banned.

I find Carmyn and he leads the dragons away.
I run up and grab the boxes.

The two angry Dragons see that the boxes are gone, and return
to see if Mr. Tamer can wants to try again.

No response, I was disappointed. I was
wondering if he called a GM on me, which
would have been very interesting!

Now then, do you think the Ghost knows I
can understand him?

"Five seconds before someone learns that Dragons can now Dispel."

Carmyn is already camping his corpse.