Fun with GM Tinkering by Crazy Joe

I Grandmastered Tinkering a few days ago, and saw fit it was time to have some fun. I made a GM Locked and Trapped crate, dyed it orange, and dropped it off in front of the Britian Bank in Trammel to see how many folks will give it a try.

A Rare - only 1 macro-er on screen at one time at Trammel Britian Bank.
Nobody would believe me unless I took this picture.


Proof that Ridable Llamas do exist. 

I get the box and throw a few more items inside
the bottle, the map, and a few things I did pick up.

The box finally disappears for good,
no telling who got it.

The next day I get a message from somebody on Stratics:

Received: 9/25/00 06:00 PM
Subject: You're on Atlantic, Right?

Reason is, I have a friend who "snagged" a GM trapped chest, with a bunch of items in it. I can't open it with my 85ish Lockpicking thief, Ceinwyn, and I'm hoping you are a GM Lockpicker. It is DPed for sure, killed me twice even with two people healing me. Can you help?

I reply to him basically yes I am on Atlantic, and would it be a large orange crate that he found.

I get this reply:

Received: 9/26/00 05:43 AM

Yes, it is an orange box, how did you know?

I reply that I've heard so much about this orange box and I want a try at it.

I get this reply:

Received: 9/26/00 04:55 PM


Okay, so you have detect, remove, picking, etc? My friend is VERY interested in getting it picked his ICQ is ________. his name is VonLunatic, lives on Trammel, and PLEASE be nice to him, I'm begging you! *grins*

ANd.... tell me some history on this box. I'll get my husband to write a short story about it

Well, the next night the 'box-owner' gets a hold of me. He hauled the box from the Britian bank all the way to his castle. From what he said, he went through hell and high water getting it there (I can imagine!). He knew how much the box weighed and what was inside with a little trick, but had no idea what was in it. I'm busy raising bard skills, so just spill the beans and tell him about the box.

Next time, I got a even more sinister idea....