Welcome to HELL, by CrazyJoe

September 22, 2000

OSI decides that dungeons should no longer be playgrounds for players, and decides to up the monster spawns. A majority of players are happy to see the end of newbies waltzing through Deceit, people GMing skills in a matter of days at the bone knight room, and the irritating rant of people fighting over who kills the next Lich. I logged on to see what all the hub bub was about... 

Deceit is now a challenge, I can't believe how much looting and thieving we I got ahead, this sparks new life into the game for me, as well as any looter. Here are some pics I got just in the first few minutes at Deceit. I am making a new Bard, who will be my full time Looter, My thief was a good looter, but he is out numbered now by far.

I recall into the Bone Knight Room. You don't see a few things to the left : Skeletal mages and more zombies, and I think I saw a mummy.

No more "MINE MINE MINE MINE". There are plenty to go around.

Look who now plays in the 2nd Lich Room. He spawns in the Poison

Honorary Guild Member Mr Poison Elemental has been given a promotion to the Lower Levels!

This is as far as I made it.
The Lich Lord will never be the same. Looks Like Jimmy Houston just recalled in if you ask me.

What you may fail to see here is that Slipknot is a Looter that didn't quite make it. His corpse is gray, but his ghost is blue.