Shame, Round 3, by Crazy Joe


Either I gated a complete idiot, or a 
funny dressed NPC with bad English. 
Does Math go anywhere else!?!?!

Math and I have a mutual relationship it seems. 

Flaming Llama is with me again, but this time he 
brings his bard, 'a chicken'. He's the one on the horse. 
He tells me of double whammy, so he gets dibs on the first corpses. 
I get shafted with this naked chick. 

 I didn't get shafted after all! I was almost overlooted (282/292)
Llama was so overloaded, I opened a gate to his
house and he came back for more. 

I bank and return in time to see this. Now notice that
Islanduria is NAKED. This was Llamas corpse from earlier. 
Llama and I simply assume that Islandura just got ressed and came back.....
Of course, there is Math. 

We go on about our looting, forgetting about Islandura's corpse....


Ok, I run by and see Islandura's bones. Now, we just assumed she was fresh ressed and naked. I peek into her corpse and see Full Plate Armor and bags! Llama is being chased
by someone and leads him to me so I won't miss out on the fun!

I am overlooted.(301-292)

Potions Again! But no Strength this time. Dammit.

I drop enough potions to walk again, but
I don't want to bank so soon with such a
sore Looted Order Knight.



Full GM Maker's Mark Plate Armor!

It's late, I'm tired so I retire from Shame.

I stock up my Felluca Vendor with some good loot.
I left a rune to the shop and a book you saw in
Part 1 on 5 Corpses, 2 of which I looted.

I have 95.5 Tinker on my Murderous Mule.
He camps out in Zip's house near the Chaos Shrine,
macroing Spy Glasses and Heating Stands.
Every time I am full, I get myself killed, ress, and start over.

Jokgagu was a selfish bastard, I watched him loot all 100 of my
tinkered items. It would be a riot to see someone kill him and
open his corpse and see all that stuff!

Wow! 95.5 to GM in less than 30 minutes!

Now, as I was tinkering, Flaming Llama took the challenge to duel the Order Knight that
was very upset at us. They met in Felluca, but the event was cancelled when several Chaos Knights showed up, and saw his little 'Order' Title in his name! Just wasn't his night I guess.