Shame, Round 3 - by Crazy Joe

I'm getting ready for another Night in Shame. I am gathering quite a bit of Loot, but need to start selling it. I buy some books and runes and do some marking at the S|S Vendor House. FYI - The Gray/brownish books can NOT be inscribed to, I wasted money on 18 of those books. Buy the blue ones. 

I am Perma Gray, and need to get rid of that before I hit Trammel (Don't want my corpse showing up gray in case I die now do I?)

I get to Britian, and drop one of those useless books on the ground
while banking. Someone picks up a book, and claims they are selling
a 'Rare' book that is only found in Yew. I LOL'd, and said if you 
are going to scam, at least do it well. What a pathetic scammer!

The yellow girl is interested at first...

I actually snooped him and got to see the book title! 
I grow weary of this cussing. I decide to play the role of  brat that
imitates other people. Too bad you can't Sneer in game... 
She runs off cussing, sneering attempt successful. 

Miss Yellow Boots claims she is. 
I don't care if she is or not, I need to die
one way or the other.When the Guards 
don't show up, I realize she is Perma Gray after all. 

Naughty Naughty! She pulled out a Kyrss!

She rearms, I redisarm! I drink a red potion from my bank box.

She gets in two hits, and I disarm and steal it this time. 

I failed to notice she pulled out another Kryss. 

She wins, I ress and thank her. 
Turns out she had no idea how
to disarm, so I spent the next 5
 minutes giving disarm lessons.

Now, it's onto Shame!