Part 2 of Shame Revistied

Carmyn (the black rabbi) has a problem 
staying alive, by this time I think he died
half a dozen times already...

I came down with 10 of each reg. Not to shabby of a loot. 

Of course when the body goes to bones, 
I got targeted by the air Elemental. I loot the bags 
and Tele-hide then come back to pay my respects for 
his damn fine job killing all these Trammelites for me. 

Math is still down here. Dammit. 


Like a pimple on prom night, Math shows up. 

(Charles is Carmyn). Down again!

I stealth into an interesting conversation.
My cursor is waiting for a rune to appear...


Now the plan is to sell the rune to the guild/people that dropped it. 
Who else would pay for a guild house rune but the guild members, Right?!?!



I was laughing so hard after this, I had tears.
Ten minutes later, bobby is still following them around. I walk in 
to see a rune on the ground again! Too bad I wasn't fast enough!

"Screw You" was their reply, missed it. 
I head down to the Blood Elemental room 
where Carymn tells me the Looting goes well. 

I arrive in time to see Carmyn die once again. The guy on 
the mare is Ress-blocking, and Carmyn calls a GM on him. 

Carmyn tells him Ress blocking is illegal, mare-guy
replies so is Looting....he's a little mistaken and 
Blackbeard (in orc mask) explains why it's not. 

He calls himself 'an opportunitest', cmon
Blackbeard, there is no shame in looting
in Shame.  

I grab a mask from the chest.

Blood Elemental spawns, and we play the Hide Game. 

The chest popper knows how to deal with 
chest looters, drop an item (the ax) on the 
ground next to the chest and cast Telekinesis
onto that item, let the looters open the chest and die.
Carmyn doesn't know that little trick and almost dies again!

Math meets me in the Blood Elemental room.

Carmyn is talking to a GM he called....

For obvious reasons, we will not
disclose this GM's name, we love him and
do not want OSI to get rid of him for being a fellow Looter!


And what happened to bobby you may ask?

Did the guild T4M (The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse)
let bobby into their guild?

According to the day after, bobby was in their guild!