Shame revisited Part 1, by Crazy Joe

Shame was so good to us last night, I need to go back. I visit alone first, a few mates came by later.  

Tamer's are so invincible!

Math is back - the healer from Last night. He's lucky this
is Trammel or else I'd.....What did I just say?!?!
I've been in Trammel too long...

I looted Thorian so well, I was overloaded by 100 stones. He shows up just in time
to see me bite the dust. Normally, this means the Looter Lost. But not in Trammel!
I got 7 minutes till my body decays, so I use the Help Menu to go to Britian...
Notice the Earth Elemental attacks Thorian who just got ressed by Math.

I arrive back in time.

My body turns to bones the instant I loot
everything but a blank rune!

He tells me I'm a loser b/c he didn't
have any good loot....

I beg to differ, not bad for recalling in after I ress at the
healers! I wish he had more Bloodmoss. 


At the bank, I sort my Loot.
No damn wonder I was overloaded.
Let this be a lesson to Looters -
Greater Strength potions 
are life savers.

Since I was down to 1 Bloodmoss, I had to go shopping for regs....



He tells me he has 60 Alchemy, he doesn't need to buy them back....


Thorian, if you are reading this, here is the link to my mule...
I stand corrected, I am 85.5 Alchemy as of last night, my apologies!

Just when he thought we were friends he asked for his Studded arms back. 
 (Arms Lore todl me they were  slightly worn, so I dumped them on the bank roof -- someone less fortunate eventually will pick them up....)



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