Tis a Shame you died! by Crazy Joe

I decide to raise some Stealth in the Lich room one night, and I'm reminded that we can Loot Trammel bodies once again. Furthermore, my lock picker has been up and down Deceit, and I've read a lot about Shame. Zip and Reavus stay in Deceit while I check out Shame to see if it's worth a visit. 

I guess it was a good visit! I loot some chain mail armor as seen in the right pack. 
To show I'm not a total jerk, I leave the victim many crystal balls that are Rare here in Shame. 

Spelling Mistake #1. 
Self Molestation Proposal #1. 

Second Party Molestation Proposal #1. 

I missed the shot where he calls me a 
"Barny Bitch"

And he seems to have a nice
supply of Death Robes. 

Spelling mistake #2. 

This night has been more profitable 
than anticipated. I call up Flaming Llama 
and invite him to Shame, and kindly ask for a 
Secured chest in his Trammel home. 

Zip leaves Deceit to meet up with us. 

I like running into fans. 

I mistakened some player's bones for dungeon bones - what a pleasant surprise!

I spend most of my time hidden 1.) Avoiding monsters 2.) Checking
to see if my fresh loot is my size. 

Evidently he didn't know what the Looting fix was all about....
3 Cheers for OSI!


Turns out he had 2 iron keys in his pack! 
No boat keys though...

I kindly give back his 2 keys, so he may
restock and come back sooner. 

Some guy "Math" (on horse) keeps dying
but always seems to make it back in time. 
I dislike folks like Math. 

It seems my secure in Llama's House is full!
Time to place a temporary Loot-Holder. 

Say the following in a Saslly Struthers Voice:
"Just think about the Elementals!"

I log out my thief, and bring in my Lockpicker who is 
curious about all the chest in the area. 

Opportunity knocked - someone was recalling out to a rune placed on the ground. 
Guess who picked up the rune?

Total Tally :

1 Full Archer Suit (no idea what kind of ore)
1 Full Magic Leather Suit
Gold totaling 15k
200 of each reg
2 Molestation Proposals