Zip the Rare, by Crazy Joe and Zip

I'm running around Trinsic looking for any Level 4 locked boxes to pick open, and lo and behold their is a vendor in the Jewelry store with black sandals. Two guys in there got 'KeWlDoOd' names and keep trying to attack the NPC and get her sandals, but they keep dying. Zip hears of this, and joins me. With some ingenuity that the 2 other guys shared with us, Zip was able to kill a second NPC vendor that spawned with black sandals, but to his horror, he turned red. Turns out he was on his 4th count. 

But what is this? Zip is red and still in Trammel? And the 'new' vendor spawns with black shoes!

I log in my Mage, and use the help menu to get from Fire Isle to Trinsic. I run outside town and mark a rune, and gate him to the city limits from inside the Shop. 

Red in Trammel -- A Rare indeed. 

Unfortunately, he lost connection. Upon logging back in he found himself at the Chaos Shrine. Funny part is, his house is on the same screen as the shrine!