The Boat 'Daemon'
has been Exorcised!:

Well it was a glorious day, and I had just come into some wealth.
(50 SOS's To be exact.) I started my adventure in Skara Brae (Trammel).
Why trammel you ask? Ah... tis simple. That's where my house is. :(

That's when I noticed that there were a lot of Boats in the area.
Being the curious person I am, can you guess what happened next?

That's right! A Daemon of Stupidity has been spotted!

St. Dogbert moves in closer in an attempt to exorcise the dreaded daemon!

And I succeed! The daemon is Banished!

Arriving at my house weary from my Daemon Bashing,
I sort through my new "possessions". What I find is very good.

What's this? Ah... I was meaning to mark one of these...
Thank you for doing it for me!

The other 2 bags were not as spectacular as the first one.
But why should I complain? This was all free.

That's when I realized,... For my first SOS, this was a good trip!
Another Daemon Banished, and Trammel is a safer place. My work is done today.