The Trammelites Roleplayers Association, by ChaoticJelly and Chuck

As many know, the Bone Knight room in Deceit is the best place to gain skills. However, you will be cursed if you even go there to just simply fight bone knights for pleasure, and heaven forbid you use Silver weapons. 

A few guild members and I got the silly idea to dress up in Yellow robes and wear Orc Helms, then go there and hog the bone knight spawns. Worse Yet, Role Play like we are on a quest from Lord British and do not let insults phase us. The result - the most fun we all had in a long time. Lots of people were angry, A GM was called on us I hear, and alot of us got rich in the process. Sadly, I wasn't able to see much due to a thunderstorm...but the guild got some funny pics for me.

Everyone meets up at the Guild House in Felluca and suits up.
This is standard Twinkie Wear.

As soon as the wall is destroyed, someone pages a GM.

Of course we would be dead. Of course, we wouldn't be a Twink
like this in Felluca either (We are Thieves, we would be robbing you!)

Classic pic  : 'Please stop doing thism its ruining my gameplay'

Like we would hand over our Silver. Bah!
Twas a gift from Lord British himself!

After all said and done, the Guild GM Mage puts on a show.
She received tips of gold and dye.

Sigh. Too bad I didn't get to stay...better luck next time.