IDOC Keep - a Twisted Tale, by Crazy Joe

Zip and Galad are watching a Keep & Large House for a week - and it finally turned Greatly Worn. Funny thing is, the titles of both houses are 'Goodbye UO, 2 bags full of loot in the keep'. The two houses are touching each other. The doors are locked, so I let Zip wack me so I can go inside and look around as a ghost - the workshop only has a Xmas tree inside, while the Keep has 2 bag fully loaded with something, and several water barrels in the middle. After watching the houses every 30 min, we finally get an IDOC on the large house, and we learn the EXACT TIME of IDOC to falling on the Keep. It's rare when you actually see a house go IDOC - now we know it will fall in 18 hours. 

I was laggy as hell, much like everyone on Atlantic. The Xmas Tree never was available to pick up, so I missed out because I was throwing down a sandstone while hitting the tree - we thought it was a regular lockdown that would fall under the house sign. We were wrong! We all recall out laughing, b/c we know just what time the keep will fall. 

Unknown to us, a message has been posted on Tradespot - everyone is notified of a IDOC Keep. Every time we recall to the keep to eye up the competition, we notice a crowd gathering. At one time, I counted 48 people. Still, we are all confident of the time of falling. 

I get an ICQ 1 hour and 5 minutes before the fall time - Galad told me it fell. We are stumped, and I log in to survey the damage. 

Well, it fell. I was logged on the exact tile to place a 2-story.  I'm 'Young' and I know I'm safe from the drakes and dragons.

Or so I thought. A dragon runs up to me and kills me dead. How was this possible ?? I was 'Young'.

Even more strange, I get teleported to the Britan/Yew/Vesper Crossroads tower where a healer is waiting to ress me. I ress, with everything in my backpack - included a house key. There is NO WAY I should have been teleported, and moreso I should still have my loot in my pack. I have died 'Young' before, and your loot stays on your corpse. I go back, only to have the dragon spot me from a screen away and wade through all the people to kill me again.

I am not fuming or crying, but I swear this fall was rigged by a GM of OSI. It fell early, I died 'Young' (as well as Galad's Young!), I was teleported, and my loot stayed on me. If anyone can explain that otherwise, please do.

At this time, I notice the Xmas tree is gone.

My tower is about 10 screens to the east of this Keep. Guess what shows up two hours later at my Tower?

I cast Energy Vortex for the first time ever.
I never knew the delay was so short. Amazing spell!

I ICQed everyone to check out the Tower before I killed it. I wanted to
first lead the dragon up into the tower, the when everyone got there I would remove the dragon, recall to the door, and block the exits. But I didn't have the heart to do so. Oh well.

Five minutes later, Galad lead a second dragon over to the Tower!

Both dragons had their normal Dragon Loot. Where did they come from I wonder???

The greatest IDOC of all time - and I missed out. Oh well. I lost 5 points in House Placement. But I live in a Tower so bite me.