Trammel Bone Knight Room Fun, by Crazy Joe

I decided to dump Eval. Int and Meditation to Grandmaster Wrestle and Arms Lore - I wish to become a Disarm Thief.

If you don't know, the best place to GM fighting skills is the Bone Knight Room in Deceit. I goto Trammel because basically, it's safer there during Power Hour. Of course, that doesn't mean I can't have any fun.

I don't 'Lead' Monsters to anyone, that is illegal now.
I just hide and open doors.

Little known fact : Half the time you can open a blue monster corpse.
You can steal from a blue corpse in Trammel. It all depends how how much
damage you do - if you do over 30, the body is gray. If you do more than 10 but less than 20%, it stays blue - but you can loot it. I loot the bodies that are left undisturbed, I need plate armor. Since you are stealing....

... you will turn gray! Someone notices I'm Gray, &
Someone notices who I am.

I am noticed stealing plate armor from a
Bone Knight Corpse. I am accused of
Stealing this guys Black Pearl!

I should have said I did take his
Pearls, that would have been more fun.
But I was feeling nice tonight, sorry folks.

hehe. If I'm a thief, do I have to be honest?
Never Trust CrazyJoe.

And there was much rejoicing!