Crazy Joe the "Young" Outplaces again! by Crazy Joe

I load up my Young Account, Galad sent word we got reds camping a IDOC Villa and Small Tower!

How lame. naked and a Orc Helm.


Galad shows up Just in Time.

Snowball - Red Exterminator

The good thing about reds is they keep alot of people away. This is 5 Minutes after Snowball chased them all off.



DSH. LuT Hopefull. Shows up at the worse time.



Less than 1 Minute Later, it did fall.
Maybe I just have what it takes?

The small houses do not fall. I load up UOSU, and look at my old pictures
to determine where the Small tower Fits.
What do you know, this spot is only for small towers.

I crashed 20 times after this, I missed out on the Villa. Oh well, I still got paid!