CleptoJoe, Novice House Broker, by Crazy Joe

Galad shows CleptoJoe and me a small IDOC at 11pm CST

CleptoJoe stays up ALL night long, and I come to help out around noon CST the next day. We both have our deeds ready to go.

Someone walks by and tells us that if we place they will pay 150k for it. We already got a bite. I notice this area is pretty big and I think a small tower fits. Won't know for sure though until it falls.

A few hours pass. House falls. Several folks come out of nowhere, and placement starts. We all can place the house, but nobody can get it to fully stick, and we keep seeing different houses appear and poof. I get a small tower to fit, and now know that 150k is a joke, we can make 250k. Instead of messing again with the tower, I try to place a small.

After 5 minutes, CleptoJoe triumphs!

The woman in white is ready to buy from CleptoJoe. But CleptoJoe doesn't know about the tower. I had to think fast....

I say I will take the house for 175k. The girl freaks out, and says 200k. I bid 225k. She bids 250k. This is how much I want to sell a small tower for, but I am in such a frenzy I bid 300k, and quickly retract my bid. (If I said 275, she would have gone to 276, her total bank balance, dammit, I screwed up!)

Five minutes later, CleptoJoe sold the house for 250k, and the buyer was unaware she was scammed.

I love Real Estate. CleptoJoe does as well now.