CrazyJoe, GM House Broker, by Crazy Joe

Galad and I have no houses that are IDOC tonight. We actually think we are going to get worthwhile things done. He hits Deceit to loot, while I try to find CleptJoe's "House of Hell". Its on the Shore of a large land mass south of Jhelom. Problem is, it's in the worst Possible spawn point I can imagine - Orcs, Orc Lords, Orc Mages, Air Elementals, Water Elementals, Gargoyles to name a few.

Jelly brings his 'bad ass' warrior while I recall my Mage in to take pictures and post the house on Tradespot. Well. Jelly isn't that good of a bad ass; I had to loot his GM armor and weapons, then ress him to draw monsters away. CleptoJoe isn't doing well either, and just stays as a ghost while I run around to pick up the pieces. I finally gate our butts to Trinsic Healer Shop, and they run off while I log out (wife was home and in the mood!)

Turns out, there was an episode of Voyager on my wife didn't see, so I got back online..

I decide to visit Chucks tower, he wants me to sell it, but I need to take ownership after I sell that small house - All I needed was a marked rune. Chucks tower is in a spot that I swear I never thought would fit a house -- I take a Trammel stone and a small Tower deed to see if anyone found this spot in Trammel.

Well, this place was found in Trammel. I run north for some reason...I think back now, and I have no clue why I just didn't go back to Felluca. I had no reason to be in Trammel, this place was in BFE, so I can't honestly say why I ran north 1 screen. But I did. And guess what I saw?

And lo and behold, a small tower Fits.
My Problem is this guy owns the LBSC Guildhouse, I don't
want to condemn it and have to go through all that trouble
to fix it. My 2nd account is holding CleptoJoe's 'Hell House'

I ICQ Galad and tell him that he can place on that Hell House, I'm
going to Redeed it and goto Trammel. I recall to the Trammel Britian Bank to pick up a
Felluca Moonstone, when I see a guy wanting to buy a house for 100k!
I entice him to come to Felluca to see my Hell House.


This monster spawn is actually nice. Only orcs and Dire Wolves.
Still, he panics and goes into the house to discuss the price.
I actually thought the monsters would make this a hard sell...

Turns out he isn't too worried about the spawn.
He isn't willing to pay 100k for it though.

I know this is a Hell House. I try 75k and he agrees.
I need to gate him to the bank to get the money.

Before I get a Gate Portal off, he says the most astounding thing
I could ever expect. He has never been to Felluca.
He has no idea how much trouble he is in! Talk about luck...
He even says 'Wow, the trees move here!' (He was
referring to a Reaper just to the right!)

He got back from the bank and there is a party already
started. He hides in the house, I load up my main and draw the fire
of the monsters. This allows me enough time to get the guy out
and transfer the house to him with my (young). Talk about a
desperate House Buyer!

I died, but I'm 75k richer now (minus 39 for house deed)
I find out he can't ress. bummer.

Not many people get to experience the
joys of waiting for your own corpse to decay.
(Young) can't loot blues, dammit.

His Horse going wild was just the icing on the cake
for tonight. Trammel may be full of Newbies, but
RICH and desperate Newbies.

That house was  near Dungeon Wrong. You know why it's called Wrong? Because it is
the wrong place to die. I actually ran from Wrong to Britian as a ghost - never saw a healer. I had to hurry and get my Young to Trammel to place a small tower, so he recalls to my Large Tower to get a few supplies.

This is something you don't see everyday. Somebody left a Villa
in my hallway. I had to refresh with the server to get it to Disappear.

CleptJoe tags along to see me in action.
CleptoJoe got Looted in Trammel!

I sold this tower in less than 5 minutes.