IDOC Tower Fun, by Chuck

I stole Chucks pictures, the only one that is mine is the last one - the best picture!

Galad got a few of S|S to a IDOC Large Tower. It was improperly placed, but everyone there had their minds on Large Houses, snooping around I saw everyone with a deed. I just bought a 2nd copy of UO, and had a 40 hour Young Player ready to go. I gave him every deed that was decent, and we were ready. I gate him there and log off my main. (MulitUO was buggy)

We get there, and it is CROWDED. However, it seems everyone is nice, no mass murders, no gray twinking... Sheesh. A boring House Party, and to think I've seen more carnage at a small IDOC house!

Chuck took these pictures, and edited them.
I would have never bleeped out sucking and dick.

Aint that the truth. Freaking GM's

Burn Baby Burn.
People get quite 'silly' when they stare at the same
screen for more than 5 hours.

The natives are restless. 

Chuck is carrying a prized possession of mine -
A DP Tinker Trapped Crate. We never
could get anyone to snoop him or loot the box off his Corpse.
I guess I should have dyed it.

Galad says he is damn tired, and goes to take a one hour nap. 

The Tower fell....halfway. I saw a marble Patio appear
on the roof of the Tower, and started clicking on my Patio deed. Tower
finally disappeared, and someone placed a Log Cabin.
I placed a small tower next door to him.

Galad shows up from his nap - You snooze you Loose!

But that's not a problem...everyone recalls out, except Galad and Hill. Hill placed a small house to the north of me. Galad claims that he could easily place a sandstone patio house there, and walks away (then stealth back). Hill redeeds his house, and Galad throws down a small house in its place! Hill didn't suspect Galad, and thought maybe someone else in the area was around. hehe, Can't trust Galad ever, can you?

1 Hour Later, I redeed my small tower and place a Log Cabin.  It was quite
scary, because I never placed a cabin. I actually ask Galad to show up just in case. 
I placed a Log on the first try, and log out for the night. 

15 hours later....

Score. Later I learned of a buyer that would have paid 1 million!