Friday Night Fun, by Crazy Joe

I've been house looting and training so much, I realizd I wasn't having the fun I was in weeks past. Sure, Looting got me into my new large tower, but I got what I wanted and it was time to go back to having fun.

So I load up, and find myself stuck not only in Trammel, but Delucia! I was here to sell 2 Hair Restyle Deeds for 50k gold, and logged out here the day before. So far, Friday Night was starting off sucky.

If you ever see me in game, don't be an idiot, 
that's all I ask. I walk out of the bank and
this guy turns on the all caps and turns into an Idiot. 


I decide to try and ditch them...and get this pleasant surprise.

why is everyone naked?

Yelled bank, seeing how I am out of regs.
Bank didn't open.

In Trammel, at least they can can never bump into you.

I decide I might as well use my disguise kit and get naked,
and finish banking and get the hell out.

I fall out of my seat! My disguise name is none other than Rowan!
(FYI, the Guild GM Mage is named Rowan)
Now I figure Rowan must be a guys name, gonna have to go find Rowan and show her.

She's at my tower making a fish tank. I love
a woman that does the man's job, it's a lot
like the show 'Survivor'.

Not the happiest thing to see when I recall to Deceit.
I thought this dragon was going to go wild - no luck.

I use my Trammel Stone and
meet Mr Poison Elemental
and a Lich Lord, they play 'Doctor'
with me. Did anyone ever notice
the flowers in Deceit?

Sadly, S|S is at war with N|S, and I was carrying 50 of each reg.
I resign from my guild, and get a ress. I recall to a small island, and think
maybe I can claim I was gated here and see what happens.
WOW! 17?!?!
 2 Minutes later, I crash out of UO. When I reload, I'm #300, and give up. I got
better things to do with my time.

I want to return to Deceit with a NPC Wandering Healer Escort. I think it would
be a riot to have a wandering healer in Deceit, and see how many Trammel
ghost fall for it. I recall to NuJelom.

While on the way, I form my own guild since S|S sucks.

For 10 gold? That's a bargain!

Now that I have a guild of brave adventurers (A Sailor, a Fighter, and a begger?)
we head to Deceit. No healers in sight, so I'll see how well these guys work out.

The brave Begger takes on the Lich Lord!


Wouldn't you freaking know it? A GHOST!
And I didn't ever find a healer. The sailor takes on
The lich lord since the Begger died.

The other NPC's chicken out.
Can't blame them. So my Guild mates
don't trust me, and now NPCs don't trust me.

Not only did the Mushroom Kingdom get blocked in Trammel, but Felluca as well
I'll remember this place, killed many folks here!
Wouldn't it make more sense to remove the shrooms??? Now newbies months
from now will think this is a secret room!

Has anyone ever seen the Bone Knight room this crowded in Felluca ever?

But with this many people, there is always someone dying.

Too bad there is actually a healer here.

Time to steal some karma/fame from everyone.
Nobody seems to care after 10 Earthquakes, I lose interest.

Sigh. This is what Trammel has become.
Everyone just sits here with their thumb up
their ass and fight over the single next Bone Knight.

Sadly, I claimed the 2nd Bone Knight with 5 ebolts, and
was told to wait my turn. HAH! Don't look like they are taking turns.
This is how the dungeons have evolved folks, welcome to Trammel.
It's not an adventure, it's a waiting room.

I try to steal kills in Skara, turns out someone
else is. However, 1 Ebolt beats 3 slashes with a sword.

I hit Buc's Den. Did you know Thief NPC's can't give murder counts?
Wow. OSI Nerfed NPC Thieves as well!

I tell this guy that NPC Merchants carry TONS of Loot.
I was shocked to look inside this guys corpse.
How the hell could he walk with that much junk??

I decide to play a little joke on this guy, and see if he would attack one of them.
The truth is, NPC's can pack a punch. at 60 health, they took 30 off me. I got to be careful doing this. He indeed attacks the Blacksmith, and almost dies!

I tell him what loot I found, after all, he can't
even peek into the corpse. You won't believe this,
but he had more than 300 ore on him.

WTF? Lets see, there was 1 guy on Monday, 1 Tuesday, hmm.
This merchant, some twink on Thursday...oops

I seem to have lost count somewhere. I don't know where #5 came into Play.

I get a free ride back to Felluca.