Goto Jail, by Crazy Joe

I didn't do anything wrong. I was just happy to actually see this awful place. 

I tried out Wrestle Disarm long ago, for a Mage Thief, it sucks. You need high STR and high DEX, whereas my main had 80 INT to cast magic. However, I failed to turn off the macro for disarm, and dropped Arms Lore to 20 before I noticed. I called upon a GM to fix this message about how I can't disarm every time I wrestle someone.

Minding my own business, looting the castle...

WHAM! How rude of them just to bring me here.  Now I had a real problem. I gated someone to the Dragons earlier, and I was in queue to fix my Disarm...
Which one was I brought here for?!?!

I know this computer game is outdated, but the graphics on that
magic gear just SUCK.

I get a message, Wrestle raised to 100, Arms Lore to 100.
He did this so I can turn off that macro.
I am relieved, I'm here for Disarm and not for Dragons.

Can I bribe a GM to keep 100 Wrestle?


I get a message that my Arms Lore and Wrestle go back to normal.

He returned my stuff...but not the yarn.
I decide to trade Rowan's House for those Skills.

Fine. Lets wheel and deal my way.


Maybe that other guy DID call on me.

Nope, the GM screwed and and left me there.
Boy, I was scared!