Three Men Enter....

Thomas Crowne, Ace, and Carmyn show up Monday night
to join the Guild. 

I really need to screen my wenches more often, this one's unruly. 
(Just b/c I'm Chaotic's Bitch for week for a bless deed, I am 
going to hear about the cross dressing phase for how long?!?!)

Carymn's first. We decide we finally need to get stricter policies....

She is MY wench after all.  

Not me, the OTHER CrazyJoe.

I was itchy to kill Carmyn, always hanging out in 
my freaking tower, picking my locks....

Ace is up next. 

Don't forget this Ace, I got it 
in writing!

Ace dies a second time for snooping Rowan. Only the CJ's get to frisk her. 

I go on down to counsel Thomas.

For the last guy, we decided it's time for something more original
than 'e-bolt the pinkie'. 

This should prove interesting!

They were a little stunned at first, I guess they expected 
all of us to kill them! What do they think this is, a PvP Guild war?

Time to remove some of the room they have. 

Poor Thomas Crowne in the middle. He's getting spanked on both sides. 

Does any of the initiates have any magic resistance?!?!?

Ah! Finally. One man left standing.

Maybe not.