I will Flamestrike Thee! by Crazy Joe

I have found a new way to aggravate the citizens of Trammel! If you go to Skara Brae, you'll notice that everyone likes to entice the Nobles and Seekers out into the woods, then once outside the guard zone they kill them, looting an average of 600. This is very profitable, very fast, and very cheap tactic. In Trammel you can't be attacked, so you just stay gray outside the guard zone and laugh.

Well, I decided to initiate some sort of wicked and twisted sort of justice. I camp outside of the guard zone, and Flamestrike the nobles before the enticer gets to kill them. They start to cuss me out, saying how lucky that this isn't Felluca. Ain't that a kicker?

I just flamestriked this guys Noble, and hit my macro, "Im looking for my escort"

Somebody actually has a sense of humor. 

That's me at the top left, and Nia to my right. I'm
Private Messaging her where the guard line is so
she can start whacking.

I missed half of what he said, thanks to talking to Nia. 
But my retort to his question was, "Aye? I'm sorry, I don't understand thee!"


I need more gold. 

He decides to get himself a groom, with 80 gold on him. 

Everyone knows me, I found a Thief Guildmaster 
and bought a disguise kit. 

Another one bit the bust!

I have to do this again tomorrow,
I ran out of regs. But with 12,000 gold, I should be able
to get more. .