Mistaken Identity, by Crazy Joe

I was roaming aimlessly around Trammel one night, looking for moonstones in the Lich Room and passing out runes to my house. Basically, I was pimping my Vendor and gathering Moonstones. I decided it was time to return home, but I recalled the Demon Temple at Fire Isle to just see if anything was going on. 

I recalled next to wizard who was using blade spirits to kill the drakes, which I found very interesting - he would cast it while on the roof, but aim at the drakes on the ground. If anyone has tried this, they know it doesn't work. However, this Player found out how to do it, and was kind enough to tell me.  It was a quick and dirty way earn fame and loot. (the loot is comparable to Liches, which is pretty sad since this comes off a drake.)

I killed myself a wyvern, but what is really funny is the title of my blade spirit! A blade Spirit - The Mystic Llamaherder!?!?!

Well, I'm about to leave when a dragon kills the Player in the area. I only have a few runes to Trammel -- I tell him to be quick and heal while I open a gate to the Cove Healers. He didn't make it back through the gate in time. I waited 15 seconds, and cast it again - I was out of regs! (I swear I was, for once I was being nice)  I hid on his corpse, and decided since he was gone, I would just have to loot him.(My niceness wears off quickly!)

Looting in Trammel sucks - you have to wait for the body to decompose. This takes about 5 minutes. However, Cove has no bank - I have a fighting chance to loot him.

Five minutes pass - and wow! 3k in gold, 100 of each reg, 4 Resurrection Scrolls. I was overloaded by 40 stones! I got on ICQ and asked Chaotic to come help me out, but then wised up and used his regs to cast Strength, then cast Gate Portal to return to Britian Bank in Trammel.

Lo and Behold, the wizard showed up while I was leaving, and he followed me there. I hid on the bank - he went back thru the gate thinking I returned back to the demon temple. Gate closed. I banked my loot, and returned to Felluca.

15 minutes pass.

Unknown from Stratics ICQ's me, his character name is "Ramblin Old Guy". He asked me if I just looted some guy at Fire Isle. I was surprised to say the least, and told him I did. Unknown then decided to break the news to me -- he created a new character named "CrazyJoe"! I was shocked at first, then started laughing my ass off. I pretty much assumed what was going on.

Turns out my victim found 'CrazyJoe' in Trammel Moonglow and started cussing him out. Unknown of course is surprised to why he is in trouble, but he knows me well enough to put the pieces together. This guy thought this CrazyJoe was me! He had no clue at all there are now three seperate CrazyJoe's running around!

Unfortunately, I didn't write down my victim's name, I never expected him to resurface. Thanks they OTHER CrazyJoe for taking this picture!