"Crazy Joe Initiates himself" by Crazy Joe

Do not adjust your monitor - This entire episode
 is in Black and White for Nostalgia.

Right after we initiate the N|S, I decide I want to finally get a rune to the Forth level of Hythloth. I go through my 4 runebooks, and notice that I have 2 runes marked Hythloth, when I clearly only been there once. I recall stealing some runes in town from a mage, and that one of these must be it. I know mine is marked to the Front door outside the entrance, but no idea where his leads to. I know I type fast and make constant spelling mistakes, so I recall off the rune that is labeled 'Hythoth'

"He chose.....poorly."  

I royally screwed up. 
I didn't assume I was going
to die so soon, and I kept the Hythloth 
rune on me instead of locking it down 
on the roof. The only way out for me
is to walk to the surface. 

Might as well give a tour....

Sorry, but I have to shrink these down. If I'm giving a short tour, you need to see
what I got to see. To make this trip even more fun, my UOAM is screwed up 
and lost my settings, I have no idea where the stairs are. 

Why couldn't I steal a rune to the inside of this fence? This is hilarious spot to gate
anyone to! I guess I'll come back down again. 

I'm lost, and frustrated. 
I can only blame myself. 
I know how my victims feel now. 

Anyone know what room this is? Those look like pods from 'Alien'. 
I personally paged a GM in August 2002 and FINALLY got these rocks removed.
Took long enough, eh?

Just about every other room looks like this. I don't think I'll be coming back soon. 

And yet here is a great safe spot to mark a rune. 

Wouldn't it be nice if OSI 
programmed a monster to escort
YOU out of a dungeon?

Something is familiar about this spot.

Very familiar....

It took me 17 minutes. That rune was to the forth floor, so
I consider my mission a success.

I ran into someone playing Kiss the Dragon.
I'm upset that I'm dead and can't Loot, and
I think his Guild title shows he's a tad
upset about the housing difficulty.

I tell ChaoticJelly to open a gate for me
at to the LBSC Guest Cottage.

Let this be a lesson to you - make friends with someone
who can cast 8th level magic, and lock down a rune when
your going somewhere you may die.

I remark this rune - "Final Initiation"