"How to properly place a house....Twice" by Crazy Joe

I have very few pictures, explanation below. 

Friday Night, June 23. Atlantic Shard. 
Anyone who was online this night will never forget it. Housing was to start at 9:00 CST, so I recalled to my Villa Spot. A few  dozen people were there, all waiting to place something right where I was wanting to. I hid and stealthed into the area, so they wouldn't be so nervous. Turned out some Galad's were there, and doing their best to secure the area - kept leading trolls into the area, cast Reveal, and then cast Invisibility. It killed off a few people really well! I set up my Mouse Key to Macro "Last  Object" And pounded my House deed away - for 1 hour 45 minutes.( My thumb was killing me the day after. )

Then a LARGE tower appeared in front of me, and there was a lot of cussing. Turned out Evil Galad won. I sigh, since this was the ONLY place I knew for my villa. I recalled to the woods of Vesper and place a small tower for myself. Nobody was there, which made me happy at first, but I knew it was a lonely spot that would suck for selling Loot. 

I ran upstairs to admire it, and locked down the most valued thing on me (besides the villa deed). I try to recall to the bank to haul loot over, but something was wrong - recall wasn't working anymore. I walk to Vesper, and come to find out Recall, Moongates, walking over Server Lines, and shaking you left pinkie toe was no longer working in game. 

Upon hearing this, I had one thing to say:


Then, 10 minutes later...

We did the Time Warp. 

My computer locked up, and I only was able to save those two above pictures. 

Two days later at 6 AM CST, I tried to place a villa again, however I didn't even with 5 extra Villa locations marked. I over slept.  However, I had a much better location for a small tower, recalled, and surprisingly it was empty! I placed the house, and this time I was much happier with its newer location. It's down the road just outside of Skara Brae, before you hit the crossroads to Yew and Britian!

A few days later, I had several guest come by and check it out. 

Hal is a LBSC Hopeful. While Rowan and I were  
Upstairs, he led 'Varbu' inside. Once he got upstairs and in a safe spot, 
Rowan and I hid, allowing Varbu the opportunity to go after Hal. To be fair
to Hal, I ejected him from the house. He ran in again and Varbu was waiting for him.
I have no regs on me, so I can't even help worth diddly. Sorry Hal.
What I don't understand is Hal was carrying 15-20 Barrel Taps. WTF was up with that?

30 minutes later everyone piles inside my house to avoid 1 Troll, 1 Orc Lord, 1 Orc, 1 Skeleton.
Just my damn luck that I had no regs on me at all. I was pretty much useless. All I could do
was lock down the chest so the monsters wouldn't touch us. FYI - You can ban the monsters, but they will just
walk right back inside the house. Took Rowan and ChaoticJelly about 10 minutes, they finally cleared out the house!