"Trammel House Scamming" by Crazy Joe

Housing on Atlantic's "Trammel" was postponed an additional week.
 Anyone that placed in Felluca Sunday really didn't give a rat's ass about Trammel anyway,
oh boo hoo and blah blah for them. You won't ever catch me there. Until Tonight.
 I went to go see what the problem was and see if I could profit from it.

This is in Trammel right above my house in Felluca. Now I see why
they put everything on hold. Here came a potential customer - Since
there was no house sign, she can't verify anything!

She asked why there was only half a house...

She asked if I had anything bigger.

Everyone wants a tower, and I was prepared to sell this one with a 80% markdown. She asked
why this one wasn't completed either. Hell Lady, Rome wasn't built in a day.

She takes her leave before I can show her the third model
available. Oh well, back to selling Fully-Emptied Rune books for 5k in town.

Trammel sucks folks.