"House Warming" by Chaotic Jelly

Last night the S|S officially broke in CrazyJoe's new house.  Much to CrazyJoe's dismay, this was an unexpected event and we really broke it in!  Hope you are done cleaning by now CJ!

So, anyway, it all starts when I am travelling around with a S|S candidate.  We swing by CrazyJoe's to get the introductions going. When, what do you know, CJ is courting Rowan right on the front step!  (BUSTED!)  Well, seeing a possible party in the make (an actual girl in the house) I decide to go get some wine to really get things going.

Well, I  make it to Britain and run into Mr. and Mrs. Zip, who I promptly invite to my place to guild our brethren.  (Oh, did I mention that I too can gate now?)  We get the guilding done and head on over to CJs for the Shindig.


Well the party kicked off with some gossiping and drinking like all parties do.  It almost came to an unexpected end when Shalaidah (Ms. Zip) and the sheep bought the big one due to CrazyJoe's pest problem.  (I hope he remember's to call  Orc-In (Orkin)) 

Well, fortunately, Rowan was there.  She rez'd Sha and put on her famous Oriental Horse and Girl show.  Hubba Hubba!

Sha, back in shape proceeded to do keg stands, get naked, and perform lap dances for the paying customers.  (she made over 200gp from me!)  Rowan did not take money saying that it was her talent and she must share it with the world.

Peeing Contest (um everyone elses name is listed. I appear as 3)

After getting totally plowed, we decided to go up on the roof and pee for distance.  Damn, if Sha didn't win that one!  Then being completely plowed we got naked and ran around  (Check out the spectator!)

Strip Stealth man is that a tough game.  Check out the spectator in Blue!

Needless to say, CrazyJoe is gonna need a good maid today!