"Freeze Tag" by Crazy Joe

Unfortunately, I have no pictures for this one. I was sorting my 'Why Can't I just Die' adventure when Nia ICQ'ed me to come help her out, and I didn't reset Paint Shop Pro.  

I was still at the dead, and went to rez. When I came back, she was already OK, so I was about to go back to editing my last adventure  when I saw a guy asking to buy a Trammel Stone. I of course feel sorry to lose one more victim, so I snoop him and steal a total of 8 gold. I ask him how much would be pay for the trammel stone, he made an offer. I then stole a red potion! I was not observed stealing, I was still blue! 

I then asked him if he really needed this 8 gold and red potion. He went quite (checking his bag no doubt) and then came to attack me! I ran around the bank and hid. I looked at my clock, and waiting out the two minutes. 

After I knew I was safe, I went to the bank and got enough regs to cast Paralyze 5 times, and found him. Sure enough, he attacks me. I cast paralyze, and he's stuck! I taunt him awhile saying, 'Stay! Good boy! Now Don't Move!'. Once he was free, he was on top of me again.,With 83 Wrestle I can cast Paralyze with few interruptions! I have four other Thieves following me around LOL'in, LMAO'ing, and other things. It honestly was the funniest thing to see. I paralyze him the fifth time, and tell him, "I am outa regs, don't go anywhere, I'll be back." (Like he was going anywhere!) 

Now magic was nerfed in town, so I can't really kill him with Energy Bolts or Flamestrikes, so I guess I can try out poison. I get enough regs just in time to Paralyze him again. Now I have a lot of people following us around, one guy keeps trying to cast Dispel on my poor victim, but there I am ready to Paralyze again! 

Finally, I cast Poison on him, but the same fellow cast cure. I cast Poison 10 times, he cast Cure 10 times. Everyone else jumps in and starts to cast Bless and Strength on my victim. This guy is getting so much support, and yet he can't take one step towards me. 

After 10 more minutes, my victim gives up, and says he can't believe this. I feel like he has been a great sport, so I borrow some guys chair and sit down in front of him, and tell him to kill me, I won't resist. Turns out 1.) he has poor fighting skills b/c it took him forever to land a hit on me. 2.) You can wrestle people while sitting down. I continue to smack talk him, saying things like, "Come on you Pansy!" "You couldn't hit the ground if you tripped!" "Strike me down where I sit!" & "Help Help, I'm being Oppressed!". 

Once I was down to low health, I took a chance and said, "Heal Please?" The guy casting bless and dispel actually heals me. My victim keeps beating away, seeing how he is getting gains (I got him down to 3/4 health with Wrestle and .1 gain myself!). I smack talk him some more, and no longer ask for heals (I got healed 5 times at least). Finally, I die. 

I run to the healers, and when I return he is dead on the ground next to me! I'm like, WTF!?!? And it turns out he attacked another thief, but the thief killed him. When he returns, I give him 100 gold for his trouble, a Trammel stone, and dyed his death robe black. I was also nice enough to give him our Web Site Address, and I hope he reads this! 

I think this 2-minute aggressor rule is gonna be sweet. Find someone with sweet loot, and just steal a small item, and then let them attack you. Paralyze, Flamestrike, Paralyze, FS, and loot them. (Hope no anti-Thieves are around at this time!)